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Excellent results in Granada Learning Assessment

In the second week of this semester, all SOIS students participated in the academic ability assessment by Granada Learning Assessment (GL-Assessment). Among them, a total of 17 Year 9 students achieve full marks in this assessment, and the overall average for Year 9 is 126.4 (126 points are also the benchmark for the highest division "Very High" in this assessment); a total of 14 Year 8 students achieve full marks in this assessment, and the overall average for Year 8 is 123.5; 4 Year 7 freshman achieve full marks in this assessment, and the overall average for Year 7 is 114.4. In a GL Test, the overall average of all participated candidates in the world is always 100.0.

In last September, SOIS moved to our new campus. Our students have encountered many new challenges. Whether it is the impact of COVID, or the transition from elementary to middle school, or the change of curriculum, such challenges post new requirements to students' learning. However, compared with last year's GL result, the average marks of Year 9 students (i.e. last year's Year 8) increased by 8.0; the average marks of Year 8 students (i.e. last year's Year 7) increased by 9.1. These increases represent an improvement of nearly two grade levels. It is the result of the hard work of students, parents, and faculty and staff throughout the school. It is a result of a year of  hard work.

In order to keep improving teaching quality, the mathematics department constantly adjusts our teaching. As for now, the mathematics department will keep using both Chinese national textbooks and English supplement materials to help students establish good mathematical thinking skill and learning habits. The reactions of the students are overwhelmingly positive. The number of applicants for mathematics competitions and Mathematics ECA comes to set a new records.; and from the feedback of our last years’ graduates, they are able to properly keep up with the follow-up curriculum. These feedbacks have given us the confidence and motivation to carry on with ours current adjustment. As for the next step, the mathematics department will compose a "Math Study Guidebook" specifically for our students, which consists of Chinese textbooks and English materials. We believe this guidebook will be a good instrument to improve student’s learning and help them strive for better results.