Admission Policy

Admission Policy


The mission of Shenzhen Oasis International School is to pursue excellence by providing an education that develops the potential of every student, in a safe secure environment where all students are valued and develop as thoughtful, responsible members of the international community.

We offer opportunities for students to realize their full potential, through a holistic approach which develops their social, creative, physical and intellectual skills.


  • To providea high quality education for all students using an enhanced NationalCurriculum for England that complies with Chinese Government regulations.

  • To encourage independence and responsibility in students, not only in theirstudies but in their approach to all endeavors.

  • To providean education where students gain proficiency in both Chinese and English,to enable all students to be truly bilingual.

  • To providea safe, happy environment in which every child feels secure and valued.

  • To teachchildren from different cultures and backgrounds to be aware of andunderstand the importance of internationalism and interculturalunderstanding, to equip them for life in a global community.

  • To instillin children appropriate values (a sense of right and wrong) as well asthoughtfulness towards others including those who are less fortunate thanthemselves.

  • Toencourage children to be aware of environmental issues and take measuresto ensure their community is nurtured for future generations.

  • To equip children withthe skills and qualifications and a strong foundation for their futurestudies.


  • ShenzhenOasis International School’s commitment to internationalism andintercultural understanding is explicitly embedded in the GuidingStatements.

  • SOIS believes stronglyin educating our students to appreciate, understand and respect allpeoples both from within China and abroad.

  • Students are taught tonurture both the physical world and those living within it so they becometrue global citizens.

Official transcripts, entrance assessment and personal interview are used as tools to provide information to assist in the assessment of each candidate.

In all cases, the school retains the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not to select a student for admission or to re-enroll a student. The Admission Office makes recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team, who has ultimate authority and sole discretion in the decision whether or not to enroll or re-enroll a student. Typically, those decisions are based upon a combination of multiple criteria:

  • Academic readiness orqualifications

  • Fluency in usinglanguages

  • Maturity

  • Potentialfor significant involvement to one or more school programs

  • Fit with SOIS valuesand mission


All applications and supporting documentation are highly encouraged to submit in hardcopy version. The school do use paper applications. A completed application includes the following;

1. Fill out our application form and signed by parents/guardians. 

2. Photocopies of birth certificate from applicant.

3. Photocopies of ID from both applicant and parents.

4. Two recent color photos of applicant.

5. Photocopies of applicant's transcript report, including grades/comments from the previous two semesters.

6. Photocopies of award certificates and personal specialty certificates.

7. The non-refundable application fee is RMB 1000 for all applicants.


Candidate files are reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team and Admissions Office. After review, the Senior Leadership Team makes recommendations on all candidates and, makes all final decisions. Decisions may be reviewed by the principal.

Parents will receive phone call or email notification of your child's admissions decision once we finish processing his/her application materials.


Applicant who wish to transfer to SOIS during the semester, please fill in an admission application form and submit the complete application materials to wait for the space that may be vacated (No definite time).


There is no appeal process for applicants denied admission. The Senior Leadership Team and Admissions Office presume that at the time of deliberation they have received all the necessary documents supporting a candidate’s qualifications for admission.


While decisions to admit are offered according to school admissions guidelines, such decisions to admit are contingent upon a candidate completing the current school year to the satisfaction of the Senior Leadership Team and Admissions Office. In the event that a candidate’s academic or personal record becomes unacceptable to the standards of SOIS, the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission. 


In order for the Senior Leadership Team and Admissions Office to make informed decisions that will be in the best interest of both the candidate and the school, they reserve the right to withdraw from consideration that candidate whose application withholds critical information about the candidate’s academic or personal background that might impact the school’s decision.

Contact Admissions

E-mail :

Ms. Yang:  +86 755  83659910 

Ms. Lin: +86 755  83659920