Visual Arts

Visual Arts

In order to acquire and develop skills needed for the creation of art and to meet relevant assessment criteria, students use a combination of techniques in a variety of media.

Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and textiles are all utilized, in order that knowledge and understanding of a range of observational, creative and interpretative works is nurtured.

The inquiry cycle is an integral part of the course. The continuous process of investigating, planning, creating and evaluating is constantly recorded in a developmental workbook.


Specific objectives


  • Demonstrate the ability to design, using simple forms and shapes.

  • Express ideas of a theme in a coherent way, whether visually or verbally.

  • Relate to the work of others – peers, local and internationally renowned artists.

  • Understand spatial relationships in both two and three dimensional work.

  • Explore tactile qualities of a subject and communicate these in an appropriate medium.

  • Handle tone and colour in a controlled manner, for maximum impact on the viewer.

  • Reveal personal qualities and preferences when responding to a task.

  • Show increased awareness of the characteristics and possibilities of various media.

  • Understand the processes of various techniques.

  • Balance a design neatly, acknowledging the importance of simple imagery.