Extra-curricular learning activities at SOIS

The organization form of co-curricular activities (ECA) made a change in this year's learning activities arrangement during lunch time and after school, including sports and music very successful project, we believe that this arrangement can let the student to participate in the activities of experience more, in the open students' field of vision at the same time also can develop the students interest in the knowledge in the field of last week, the students took part in the extracurricular activities of the course selection process decided to three of their first course, I am very happy announce all the students can participate in their first course Some students are very fortunate to be able to attend three of their first course in this year's colorful extracurricular activities, gardening classes, charity puppets, model United Nations, the academic World Cup, the cricket club, Christmas carols and team plans to drama stage the changes in the extracurricular activities to let the students a busy and noisy, we also hope that students can get more learning oasis in the city school harvest in addition, we also announced that the students will have the opportunity to finish my homework in school lunch at a specified time period and we will provide half an hour of homework after school time Please check the following schedule of extracurricular learning activities and homework schedules.