Environmental protection and sustainable development

The staff and students at SOIS are very conscious that our environment is precious and therefore we must all that we can to protect the limited resources we have and help reduce our energy consumption!

We have our very own recycling club and because of their work, now each classroom has a recycling bin. The club and the SOIS services team have placed bilingual signs in each classroom reminding teachers and students to turn off lights, air conditioners and computers when the room is not in use- this practice is part of school policy.

We also have plans to build our very own organic garden on the school roof as well as instruments to measure temperature and precipitation and in the future we would like to see solar panels providing a large portion of energy for the school...!

There is much more we can do, which is why once a year we have an environmental day whereby students discuss the impact of global warming and other environmental issues and act locally by helping to improve the whole school environment and by finding ways to reduce the school's energy consumption for example. Our motto is to think global but act local!