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SOIS Virtual Art & Design Exhibition 2022 Preview

SOIS Virtual Art & Design Exhibition 2022



At SOIS, we have some very talented student artists! Despite not having the ability to conduct our traditional gallery-style art exhibition, we are pleased to present the SOIS Virtual Art Exhibition 2022. As we celebrate our students' creative talents, we congratulate them on their continued efforts to explore new expressive avenues and creative outlooks on life.


Year 7 students focused on learning the principles of perspective drawing and architectural development. Through research and exploring works from a variety of key architects, students gained a broader view of structures and space.

Year 8 students focused on the fundamental characteristics and techniques of Art Nouveau. Inspired by the stained glass works of Louis Comfort Tiffany and the glamorous style of Gustav Klimt, students were able to develop their own Art Nouveau-style art pieces. 


Year 9 students focused on investigating fundamental techniques of portrait-making. Through gaining insight from artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci and Kathe Kollwitz, students had the opportunity to explore a variety of art tools.