Additional Support

Additional Support at SOIS

SOIS recognizes that its children are not only served through the general curriculum and extracurricular activities.  SOIS appreciates that all students have unique learning styles and needs that go beyond the classroom which impact their ability to fully realize their potential.  That is why SOIS has an expanded department of Additional Support.

 The department is headed by a certified special education teacher who has worked as a learning specialist in many types of schools in several countries.  He is experienced teaching all levels of academic content, has expert contacts who help him guide parents of children who might require physical, occupational and speech therapy, and specializes in behavior management.  A Chinese bilingual teaching partner provides further learning support.  She is a China-certified English teacher.  They work with pupils in the regular classroom as much as possible, imparting tactics to increase self-sufficiency.

The school counselor tends to the social & emotional needs of the student body and also offers assistance to employees.  She has extensive qualifications in working with children of all ages in a range of therapeutic approaches in different environments.  Plus, she is a practiced health educator who is highly proficient teaching non-native English speakers.

Moreover, as a member of the Council of International Schools, the department is developing a gifted & talented program, to even more closely align it with the SOIS Vision: Educate, Nurture, Inspire Excellence.  G/T students will be interacting with other students throughout China and around the globe.

Though the Additional Support Dept. directly assists a small percentage of the SOIS family, A.S. team members work in collaboration with all staff members to further enhance teaching & learning throughout the school.  The team presents varied professional development opportunities, and gives numerous students tools besides typical instruction.  These services include improving organization, study, test-taking, memory, social skills, cognitive learning strategies and many more.  These instruments will not only help cultivate the whole child for their post-secondary education, but for an independent, productive lifetime.

SOIS is proud of the work of the A.S. team and knows that many students have benefitted from at times a simple chat to long-term assistance.  This is all part of the holistic approach to education that SOIS takes in all areas of the curriculum.

While SOIS is a selective school, with students having to be successful in entrance tests suitable for their age, some learning challenges only surface as children mature and develop.  As nurturing is such an important part of its vision, SOIS wants to ensure that all students have been given the best opportunity to meet their full potential.