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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome everyone to a new school year. It really is an exciting time of the year. We welcome our new students in year 7 and 8 and welcome back our students from last year. The teachers are preparing for your arrival and staff have been working hard with done wonderful additions to the grounds for students to enjoy. Everything looks polished and ready to go.

Our Guiding Statements are the foundation of all we do at SOIS. I have often talked about our Vision to ‘Educate, Nurture, Inspire Excellence'. This year I would like to inform our community about the Traits we are developing in our students. As students go further in their education, schools, colleges and Universities are looking for the 'valued added' a candidate brings to their institution. Many students will gain high grades, but what makes them stand out from others? We believe in educating the whole child and thus have put in place student traits that will help them be successful later in life.

Student Traits

Learning Traits

o    Self-motivated, hardworking, resilient, independent inquirer, reflective

o    Applying learned knowledge across the curriculum and outside school

o    Hard working, cooperative, good listener, perseverance

o    Lifelong, experimental, innovative and creative learners

o    Communication skills, creative thinking, critical and problem solving, writing

o    Responsible, dedicated, enthusiastic

o    Inquisitive, question oriented, collaborative

o    Willing to accept self/group/peer feedback and constructive criticism

o    Analytical planning, questioning, reflection and evaluation


Social Traits

o    Team work

o    Caring and empathetic mind set

o    Learning, caring and respecting differences in others, in line with school vision and mission

o    To be aware of surrounding, community and environment

o    Knowledge of and practicing a healthy lifestyle

o    Can be actively involved in physical and personal hobbies/activities

o    Be able to accept challenges

o    Active participation, enthusiastic, committed, inquisitive

o    Respectful & tolerant


Through our curriculum, ECA’s and in particular PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) we aim to ensure our students are ready to face their next chapter in their education and have the tools needed to face life’s challenges.

Throughout the year, we will invite our community to morning talks on a variety of subjects to help better inform you of the programmes offered by SOIS and challenges our students must meet in becoming successful not only at school but as they approach adulthood.

We here at SOIS are looking forward to another exciting year, and wish all our cohort a very exciting and successful 2021-2022. Thank you.


Helen Swan