Secondary School
Secondary School

Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme is a framework for educational success for students approximately 11-14 years old.

It builds on the primary stage, and develops children’s knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English and Science.

Lower Secondary also offers schools a means of tracking student progress through the lower secondary phase, with an integrated package of teaching, learning and assessment materials. At the end of Lower Secondary, students can sit               

Through out the Middle School program staff will strive to develop not only the knowledge, skills and understanding of our students, but also ensure that they are able of achieving their full potential academically, artistically and socially through the provision of a close-knit, supportive and friendly environment.

These aims will be achieved by: * Introducing the Cambridge University Lower Secondary Programs for English, Mathematics and Science, culminating with external examinations from Cambridge University International. * Continuing our already successful Chinese Language and Mathematics programs, so that our pupils will experience greater success and be able to study these subjects at a higher level when they leave SOIS. * Ensuring the development of educationally and socially well rounded pupils who understand the need for social, emotional and physical well being to compliment their academic success.